“To save one life is like saving all of mankind”
Quran (5:32)


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UPS is a civilian patrol organization established to patrol neighboring communities in order to protect members of the local community from escalating quality-of-life nuisance crimes. The organization’s vision is to promote the safety and well‐being of all residents of the neighboring communities. UPS acts as a liaison between the local police as well as the local community – bridging gaps and providing community services, safety education, and patrol tips for all. 


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The visible presence of the Muslim Community Patrol will act as a deterrent to neighborhood crime. Acting as an extra set of eyes for the OPP, neighborhoods will be safer than ever.

Liaisons for the local police

Acting as a common ground to bridge the gap between OPP and locals, UPS will:

  • Attend to local accidents
  • Gather search crews for missing persons
  • Translate for those who cannot easily communicate with law enforcement

Juvenile awareness programs (scared straight programs)

Educational programs en route a more disciplined youth. For kids and young adults who need a dose of “real life”, trips will be coordinated to jail cells, hospitals, morgues, funeral homes, cemeteries, etc.

Community resources

Counseling/ Therapy Resources:

  • Family Problems
  • Marital Discord
  • Drug Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

Social services

  • Job Training
  • Soup Kitchen/ Food Pantry
  • Elderly Assistance

Mentorship programs

The Muslim Community Patrol will not only serve as watchmen but, serviceman aiding the youth in our communities by enabling them with resources such as mentorship and career training. Mentors will work side by side, and keep them under their wing to ensure a growing success.