Riyadhus Saliheen Audio

In this never been done before presentation of Imaam An-Nawaawee’s widely accepted book you will find:

  • Each and every verse from the Quran that starts the chapters recited in a beautiful and clear manner by Shaykh Adil Ajaawee and Nadir Qallaawee
  • Each and every hadeeth read in a clear fashion by Brother Bilal Abdul-Kareem
  • A brief explanation of each hadeeth read by Musa Maguire and Abu Taubah Mukhlis Robertson


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1. Chapter of Sincerity
2. Chapter of Repentance
3. Chapter of Patience and Perseverance
4. Chapter of Truthfulness
5. Chapter of Watchfulness
6. Chapter of Piety
7. Chapter of Firm Belief and Perect Reliance on Allaah
8. Chapter of Uprightness and Steadfastness
9. Chapter of Pondering over the Great Creation
10. Chapter of Hastening to do Good Deeds
11. Chapter of The Struggle in the Cause of Allaah
12. Chapter of Urging Towards Increasing Good Actions
13. Chapter of Numerous Ways of Doing Good
14. Chapter of Moderation in Worship
15. Chapter of The Righteous Conduct
16. Chapter of Observing the Sunnah
17. Chapter of Obedience to the Command of Allaah
18. Chapter of Prohibition of Heresies
19. Chapter of Heretics Doing Desirable or Undesirable Deeds
20. Chapter of Calling to Right Guidance
21. Chapter of Assistance towards righteousness and piety
22. Chapter of Giving Counsel
23. Chapter of Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil
24. Chapter of Chastisement for one who enjoins good and forbids evil but acts otherwise
25. Chapter of Discharging the Trusts